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N.A.P.® – the bridge between Orthopaedics and Neurology

Activities form body structures and functions!
Clients learn to act, rather than to react!

Neuroorthopedic Activity-dependent Plasticity, N.A.P.®, is an integrative neuro-orthopaedic therapy, which is applied in neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation, as well as for prevention.

Motorisches Strategietraining

Plasticity means change or adaptation. Evidence, that body structures and functions are formed by functional activities, determines the treatment methods within this therapy. The therapist´s hands can be used as a specific tool to attain the best possible biomechanical situation, which, under healthy circumstances, is coordinated by the neuromuscular system. In this way the brain gets an „idea“ of the movement it needs to organize and gains support in planning it. Protective programs which have been organized by the brain can be erased and it can regain access to its existing motor programs (Reset).

Structural treatment is performed during the goal-oriented actions of the patient. The therapist combines knowledge of traditional manual therapy concepts, pertaining to joint mechanics and neurodynamics with current neurophysiological knowledge to enhance motor learning.

Detailed movement analysis is the base for advising clients, patients and their relatives. The N.A.P.® - therapy illuminates the complexity of the human being for assessment and treatment within this hollisitc approach.

4 Modules

Each Module entails 25 course hours (45 min.)

  • Participants: Physical Therapists, Speech and Swallowing Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Doctors
  • Pre-requisites: Basic Knowledge in Anatomy

Upon completion of all 4 modules one may be listed on an international therapist list for further recommendation.