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Renata Horst is a Physical Therapist, specialized in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, Neurological Rehabiltation and Motor Learning. Besides practicing in her private practice, she teaches further education courses worldwide and works as instructor and clinical supervisor. She has published articles for various journals as well as her own books.

Neuroorthopedic Activity-dependent Plasticity is an integrative neuro-orthopaedic therapy which may be applied in neurological and orthopaedic Rehabilitation. By enhancing positive motor experiences protective programs can be extinguished and access to existing motor programs regained in the sense of: Reset – the – Brain. The therapist's hands are used as a specific tool to establish correct biomechanics.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation belongs to the most populat therapy concepts since the 1940´s. The PNF – methods and techniques are aimed to attain the best possible quality of movement which may enable safe and economical strategies to enhance motor learning.

Brain research is experiencing a rapid development. Several hypotheses which have existed for decades have been confirmed by scientific analysis. Others have had to be abandoned. Today´s demand for evidence for the effectiveness of treament methods is greater than ever. Today´s therapists have an enormous responsibility to transfer their knowledge into practice.