Renata Horst is a physiotherapist specializing in orthopaedic manual therapy, neurological rehabilitation and motor learning. In addition to her practical work in her private practice, she is active worldwide in further training and as an instructor and supervisor. She is also an author for various specialist journals and has published several specialist books.

Curriculum vitae

Renata Horst

Renata Horst

Physiotherapist, MSc

Renata Horst was born in Hamburg. She crossed the Atlantic when she was just six months old and grew up in the USA. She returned to Germany at the age of 18. Initially to learn the German language. Since completing her physiotherapy training in Koblenz, she has been working as a physiotherapist.


1977 to 1983 High School Diploma, USA
Abitur, Hanover, Germany
Toledo University, USA
1983 to 1985 Training at the Physiotherapy School, Koblenz, Germany
1985 to 1993 Training in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) according to M. Knott, USA
1985 to 1999 Training in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT) according to Kaltenborn-Evjenth, Norway
1993 Manipulation course, Holland with D. Lamb, Canada
1993 Final exam as IPNFA instructor
1993 to 1998 Motor learning, Switzerland with Prof. A. Gentile and Prof. D. Umphred, USA and Prof. T. Mulder, Holland
1999 Final exam in OMT
2007 Master of Science (MSc) in Neurological Rehabilitation

Professional background

1986 to 1991 Teaching activity: Karlsbad-Langensteinbach Rehabilitation Clinic, Freiburg University Hospital
From 1990 Development of own therapy concept: N.A.P.®
From 2001 Lecturer in the Bachelor program, University of Marburg
1991 to 2005 Own practice in Freiburg and Bad Krozingen
Since 2005 Private practice in Ingelheim
Since 1995 Instructor in PNF
Since 1999 Instructor in Motor Strategy Training and N.A.P.®
Since 2001 International instructor in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Italy, Poland, Greece, Japan, Korea


Since 1996 articles in various physiotherapy journals in Germany and Switzerland
2001 Book contribution: Motor learning. In: van den Berg F, Applied Physiology for Physiotherapists, Vol. III, Thieme, Stuttgart.
2005 Own book: Motor strategy training and PNF, Thieme, Stuttgart.
2005 Book contribution: Neuromusculoskeletal Plasticity of the Craniomandibular Region. In: von Piekartz HJM, Maxillofacial and Cervical Region, Thieme, Stuttgart.
2007 Neuroorthopaedic activity-dependent plasticity as a basis for learning motor strategies in everyday life after total traumatic arm amputation based on a case study, Master's thesis, submitted to the Danube University Krems, Austria.
2008 Own book: PNF - Konzepte in der Physiotherapie, Thieme, Stuttgart.
2011 Book contribution: PNF and N.A.P. In: Nowak D, Hand dysfunctions in neurology, Springer, Berlin-Heidelberg.
2011 Own book: N.A.P. - Therapieren in der Neuroorthopädie, Thieme, Stuttgart.
2022 2nd edition. Of the book Neuroorthopaedic Therapy - N.A.P.